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outcome: {{outcome}}

desired slug: {{respSlug}}

url: {{respUrl}}

shortly url is:{{respSlug}}

outcome: {{searchOutcome}}

about shortly

Shortly is a URL shortener and was designed to allow you to create custom "slugs" for quick and easy access to sites that might have complex URL's. Consider the following example:

Pretty long URL right? Consider that this URL might be an endpoint for data you want to retrieve, or simply a URL you have type out often. With Shortly, you can choose a "slug" or a short nickname to associate with this URL. Let's say you choose "ex" as your slug or nickname for the above example url. You would enter this nickname into the slug field and then enter the url into the url field. Assuming the slug is available in our database, the slug "ex" will now be created and tied to the above example url in our database. This means that going forward, you could reach that url by simply typing:

into the address bar of your browser. Now you have a much shorter and cleaner URL by which you can access that site. Pretty cool right? Please note you have the ability to search the database for slugs, or nicknames before you try to create a short url. This way you can see if your desired slug is already taken or available for use. Additionally, please note that a slug, or nickname is not required, only a url is needed. Should you decide not to choose your own slug, a randomized 5 character slug will be automatically generated for you. Just be aware, these randomized slugs are usually not as easy to remember comparatively to something you would choose yourself. Finally, please note that slugs cannot contain most special characters as these are often a part of standard urls and query strings. Allowing them would potentially cause problems with re-direction.

Shortly was designed using a Vue.js frontend and Node.js backend with a MongoDB database. Site design and code were created and written by me, Jon Collins. At this time, the site is purely a hobby project and being used for developer portfolio purposes. Slug availability and retention is not guaranteed. All code is public and can viewed at my github repo located at:

Thank you for visting Shortly!